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Quotes from Luis Gonzalez press conference

Missed the first five minutes, but key quotes from what I heard - apologies for any typos, this is pretty much a raw feed, typing as quickly as I could. :-)

  • "Just another motivation thing to push me".

  • "The biggest thrill is when you come back and play against your former team - that's just a competitive drive".

  • "There was one door, and that door said 'Exit'. I don't have hard feelings."

  • "I don't want to play for Tampa Bay. I want to play for a winner. Money is not an option for me."

  • "The direction this team is going is good. It's gonna take a while, it won't happen overnight. I'm not going to bash these guys. I want to move on too. I'm going to miss playing here."

  • "I want an opportunity to go out and play every day, and this was not how they saw it here."

  • "If they want me back in 12-15 years, I'll be happy... I don't know where my career might take me."

  • "My arm is better now than it was when I was traded. When you're hitting .270-.280, everyone says you can't throw anyone out."

  • "I have a strong bond with the people because I'm a normal guy. When I take off my uniform, I'm like anyone else. When you see me on the street, I'm no different from anyone else."

  • "My daughters think it's neat because they get to make new friends in whatever city we go to. It's another small obstacle, a bump in the road."

  • "I still have a job to do. I want to finish out strong. We've still got a guy tonight who's trying to win the Cy Young - there'd be no bigger thrill for us than that. The attention I'll get will be nice, but I'm gonna be okay."

  • "I love the fact that all the fans care, and I care for the fans too, but realistically, this is a business and I understand that aspect. I wish the results had been different, and that I'd been given the chance to negotiate. Obviously, the D'backs feel it's time to move on with some of the young guns."

  • "I'm excited by the opportunity to be a free agent, because I know there'll be a team out there that wants my services. I'm a veteran guy, and I feel I bring a lot of intangibles to a team. Hopefully it'll be a championship team."

  • "It's a new group that's taken over. The purple is out and the new regime is in, and part of that is getting rid of some of the veteran guys and going with the guys they've brought up through the system. The thrill is playing here eight years, and watching this kid who was four and is now twelve and has followed me. When you see the kids wearing your number. That's gonna happen here again with the Drews, the Youngs, the Quentins."

  • "The whole city came together when we won the World Series, and the whole state of Arizona was a family. All the sympathy: I appreciate it, but I'm gonna be okay, and I hope the fans are too."

  • "This is the way I wanted to do it. I didn't want to leave with speculation. I can get everything out in the open. When the season's over, I'm gonna move on. This, for me, is closure. I know where I stand, and that's why I wanted to do it now. I've got a life to live too."

  • "Quentin: I love that guy to death. It wasn't about me not wanting him to play. It's just when you've played for so long, you don't know how to let go. Your body knows when it's time to go, but your mind doesn't know. If I was hurting the team, I surely think BoMel wouldn't have me in the line-up. I'm surely doing something right."

  • "If I didn't feel in my mind that I could compete at this level, I would walk away. I have goals in my mind: to win another World Championship, that's my main goal."

  • "I'm ready to move on."