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Gameday Thread, #146: 9/13 vs. Nationals

RHP Tony Armas Jr. (8-10, 5.14)
RHP Livan Hernandez (11-12, 5.10)

Going to this one; currently looks like I'll be by myself, so I'm going to get down there early, after dropping Mrs. SnakePit off at her training, and have a good meander around the park. It's an afternoon game, so I've got to get out of here immediately - no time for a proper preview, but I certainly wouldn't bet against Arizona taking the lead, then blowing it some point after the sixth inning on. On the evidence of the previous five matchups between these teams, that seems an almost certainty...

No TV for this game, but any comments, etc. would still be very welcome. Here's a quick look at what I'm hoping to see:

  • Three or more rookies in the starting line-up
  • Error-free baseball
  • Homer by Tracy
  • No K's for Drew
  • Double by Gonzo
  • Quality start from Hernandez v2.0
  • WHIP of 1.00 or less by the bullpen
  • Save for Valverde