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Gameday Thread, #145: 9/12 vs. Nationals

Jason Bergmann, RHP (0-1, 6.66)
Miguel Batista, RHP (10-6, 4.44)

Just a quick post this evening, since I've got to go off to IZW Wrestling tonight: in Mrs. SnakePit's absence due to her ongoing training, I'll be running the door by myself, which should be "interesting" - if you define "interesting" as "chaotic and fraught", anyway. That would probably also qualify last night's game as "interesting", given the way our bullpen failed miserably to locate the strike-zone [my suggestion: head towards the white thing in front of the catcher, then ask directions when you're in the area].

At least we have the benefit of experience on our side this time, with the Nationals sending up Bergman, for what is only his seventh career start in the majors. They're doing with him, much what we'll be doing with Edgar Gonzalez the rest of the way: evaluating whether he'll be any use to them in the rotation next year. His last couple of starts have been nothing special: eight runs in 10.2 innings, on nine hits and five walks. Maybe it'll be our chance to get handed a few free passes this evening?

Miguel Batista lost his unbeaten record in his last outing, posting his first defeat since June, largely because he allowed three first-inning runs. If he can avoid that, the odds seem good that he'll come out with a victory. Or, probably more likely, given both his record and that of our bullpen, a no-decision. See if you can hold your breath through the Washington seventh and eighth innings, as that seems to be the point where they take us to the cleaners.