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Gameday Thread, #114: 8/9 vs. Giants

Matt Morris, RHP (8-9, 4.73)
Miguel Batista, RHP (9-5, 4.87)

Deeply interesting day. Unfortunately, largely for non-baseball related reasons, and also stuff I can't talk about. Let's just say that a large, weird can of worms opened up with regard to my current situation. Someday, perhaps I'll get a book - and possibly a TV movie! - out of all this. But I also move on, and have my first interview lined up for Friday.

Meanwhile, the D'backs look to see if Batista can build on Cruz's career-best outing last night, and take the series. He's facing Matt Morris, who has not been as effective this year as the Giants hoped, or his salary check would demand. Let's hope this trend continues, and AZ can keep the pressure up on the Padres, Dodgers and Reds. I won't be around, since Chris got tickets to ice-skating at Glendale Arena for her birthday, so we're going to that instead. Dutiful husband role for me tonight! :-)