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Gameday Thread, #113: 8/8 vs. Giants

Jamey Wright, RHP (6-9, 5.04)
Juan Cruz, RHP (4-6, 4.64)

Well, that sucked. I got "let go" from my job today, which was an entirely new experience. While I'd love to discuss this fiasco in detail, I can't say much more, since we will be taking legal advice on a possible wrongful termination suit. But resumes are already flying out. ;-) Let's hope the D'backs can bounce back from last night's unmitigated series of disasters, with a win, seeing as they're now in third-place in the division.

Cruz did get the win in his previous start, despite going only the bare five innings. Would like to see more than that tonight, especially given the woeful performance from our bullpen yesterday. However, Cruz has only got past the fifth inning four times in 13 starts, and has got to be a prime candidate for returning to the bullpen when Hernandez v2.0 gets here.

Jamey Wright should certainly be hittable - he has one quality start in the past seven, and has a single victory to his name since May 22nd. His turn in the rotation was skipped last time, so he has only thrown 17 pitches in a game situation this month. Hopefully, we can take advantage of that, and pull out a victory to keep us in touch both in division and wild-card races. Will be around for the first six innings or so, before heading down to the Jefferson Street Bar + Grill for some unemployed drinks. ;-)