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Gameday Thread, #111: 8/6 vs. Astros

Andy Pettite, LHP (10-11, 4.97)
Claudio Vargas, RHP (8-8, 5.43)

Yawn. Late night. :-) Didn't get home from Rocky Horror until almost 3am, and have only just surfaced from there. The last couple of games have definitely not gone the way Arizona would have hoped, and as a result, the Dodgers have now caught the Diamondbacks for second place in the division, and the Rockies are hot in their tail. It's perhaps significant that the three teams who pulled off deadline deals are experiencing positive results since, while Arizona and San Francisco are heading backwards.

This is a series of daunting pitching match-ups, and it doesn't really get much easier today in Pettitte, though we have had success against him in the past - I'm sure I need say no more than "Game 6, 2001", and we can all fill in the blanks there. Vargas has been up and down - last time (seven runs in four innings) was definitely a down, and we need him to rebound, or we could end the day occupying fourth place in the NL West.