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Gameday Thread, #110: 8/5 vs. Astros

Roger Clemens, RHP (2-4, 2.09)
Dustin Nippert, RHP (0-1, 10.80)

Unfortunately, tonight's game isn't quite going to be the marquee pitching match-up originally intended: Clemens vs. Webb. Our ace has got some inflammation in his right elbow, so his start is being skipped or pushed back - no-one is currently prepared to say which. He does lead the majors in innings pitched this year (167.1), but has been economical with pitches. He's only gone past 110 twice, with a season-high of 116. Using the Pitcher Abuse Points system, he's ranked only 65th in the majors, so his workload does not seem to be a particular issue here.

Instead of Webb, we're calling up Dustin Nippert from Tucson for a spot start. He made one earlier in the season, and it wasn't a major success, allowing six earned runs in five innings, on four walks and seven hits, including two homers. He does have a 12-5 record down in Tucson, but that is largely thanks to lots of offensive support from the Sidewinders' offensive juggernaut: his ERA there is a mediocre 5.05. Not overly hopeful of a win, but we did stop Clemens from getting victory last time we faced him; if we could avoid handing out eleven free passes today, that would certainly help.