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Gameday Thread, #133: 8/30 vs. Padres

Mike Thompson, RHP (3-5, 5.07)
Claudio Vargas, RHP (10-8, 5.14)

Getting this one up early, since I have to drop Mrs. SnakePit off to her training class, and then head for the game. Don't think it's on TV here, so this will be the only way to see it. Though from recent comments by andrewinnewyork, it may or may not be available elsewhere - the rules on that seem obscure at best. Odd start time, too: 3.40pm? But seems to be the same for some other home day games the rest of the way. It'll be weird, not having my wife's sardonic comments beside me at the park, but I'll cope...somehow. ;-)

I'm anticipating this being a high-scoring game, but given my track record in predictions this week, that will probably mean both starters taking no-hitters into the ninth inning. At least we don't have to deal with a 6'10" monster on the mound for the Padres today, though Thompson has been effective enough in most of his starts [he did get lit up last time out, in Coors Field...which is an achievement, these days] Vargas has been...Vargas. May be something good, may be something bad, but probably tending towards the latter. No time to do a full list of things I want to see today here, but I'll settle for a quality start from him.