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Gameday Thread, #131: 8/28 vs. Padres

Woody Williams, RHP (7-4, 3.60)
Brandon Webb, RHP (13-5, 2.99)

Should be a good pitching matchup tonight, with our ace facing Williams, who's on a three-game winning streak, during which time (21.2 IP) he has an ERA of just 2.49. Probably not who we want to face, when we've scored just six runs over the last two games. Though I have probably done my part, and given Woody Williams the kiss of death, by picking him up for my fantasy baseball roster. That should ensure he's good for six or seven earned runs. And the second inning could be even worse.

Webb has been less than stellar over his past three starts, and if there's another bad one tonight, then serious thought should be given to shutting him down - there's no point in him risking any more damage in chasing after what is basically a lost cause [BP now gives us less than a 6% chance of making the playoffs]. He'll also have an added burden, since his newly-married college friend Jon Hooker was killed in the Lexington plane crash over the weekend. Our sympathies go out there.

This is the last series before the rosters expand, and so we should perhaps be thinking about who to bring up for September. It looks like chasing the 2006 playoffs will be secondary to giving a look to players for next year, and that's how it should be used. I'll write more about that tomorrow, I think, and who we're likely to see coming up later in the week. We do have to bear in mind that Tucson have a great chance at winning the league, which would only be fitting - it would, in some cases, certainly make sense to have players appearing every day for the Sidewinders, rather than sitting on the bench for the Diamondbacks.

Finally, welcome back to veteran contributor Stephen. He hadn't been heard from since I turned anonymous comments off, in response to the Great Wall of Spam, earlier in the season, but finally got round to registering. Just in time to witness the death throes of our playoff hopes over the weekend...or maybe just in time for the September call-ups, depending on how you want to look at things? Glass half-full or half-empty? Hell, give me a moment alone with the glass and I'll happily resolve the issue, once and for all. Providing it's import beer, at least. :-) Comments to follow, and I'd appreciate it if the game doesn't run too long, since I want to watch Three Days of the Condor later on tonight. I feel sure our hitters will take this request to heart...