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Gameday Thread, #130: 8/27 vs. Dodgers

Chad Billingsley, RHP (4-3, 3.19)
Livan Hernandez, RHP (10-10, 5.19)

Usual terse Sunday GameDay thread. :-) While Batista's efforts last night were heroic, we're back in the same boat again today as we were on Friday - win, or the season is effectively over. Livan needs to build on his excellent outing last time against the Giants, where he allowed one earned run in seven innings, and if Hudson can avoid the stupid mental mistakes we saw from him last night, that will certainly help. Billingsley can suffer from high pitch counts, and it's likely the Dodgers bullpen is still thin after the past couple of games, so a good gameplan would be to work on that. Or simply smash a line-drive off his non-pitching hand, so he has to leave early. That'd work too...

Double-header report to follow later, but should be around for this one, so comments from me will be present!