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Gameday Thread, #126: 8/22 vs. Giants

Brandon Webb, RHP (13-5, 2.93)
Matt Cain, RHP (9-9, 4.70)

Green traded to the Mets. That's the big news for today: no details available as yet, with regard to how much cash we had to stuff into his socks, though it seems LHP Evan McLane will be coming to Arizona as a result. Happy to get anyone with a pulse, even if he likely won't help us this season - any one like that would probably have been on the 40-man roster and so would have had to pass through waivers first, an unlikely event. But it does open up right-field for Quentin to play on an everyday basis. More analysis of the deal tomorrow, when full information is available.

Tonight, we must win. There's no other word for it. We're four games behind the Dodgers, and three behind the Reds (who are currently ahead 14-0), and desperately need Webb to return to form. His appearances since the elbow issue have been poor, and there's only so long we can say "he's getting the rust out." Two starts should be enough, and so this evening marks the beginning of the rest of the season for Webb. Another bad outing, and the post-season and Cy Young will be vanishing into the distance like a high-performance sports car.

He faces Matt Cain, who is no pushover - he pitched 5.1 innings of one-hit ball against the Padres last time out. The result of this one will be determined as much by our offense deciding to stop using toothpicks and actually apply some solid wood to the ball, as we've scored one run, total, over the past two games. I just look forward to knowing that I will see the words "Quentin, RF" in tonight's lineup...