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Gameday Thread, #107: 8/3 vs. Cubs

Juan Cruz, RHP (3-6, 4.84)
Carlos Marmol, RHP (4-4, 4.39)

[Updated to reflect changed starter following rain-out] I watched Office Space again recently, and it's still running around my subconscious. So, I kinda envisage Bob Melvin stopping by Cruz's locker this afternoon, holding a steaming mug of coffee: "Hello, Juan. What's happening? I'm going to have to go ahead and ask you to avoid falling seven runs behind after three innings, okay? That'd be great. Oh, and about those TPS reports, did you get the memo...?" [Yes, there are times when my subconscious, frankly, scares me. Mind you, there are times when my conscious does too: I am sitting here beside Mrs. SnakePit listening to a techno version of the Phantom of the Opera theme, and find myself humming along.]

Back in the real world, which the rest of you are no doubt enjoying, it promises to be another hot and sticky day in Wrigleyville. Could certainly do with a win here, to guarantee us a split of the series and set up a possible 3-1 victory if Enrique Gonzalez can defeat whoever the Cubs sent up for the finale - original starter Greg Maddux having been traded to the Dodgers. We have to get past Carlos Marmol - I had a whole amusing piece written about facing a large ground squirrel, and then realised those are marmots. So I'll save that one for when the D'backs encounter a pitcher called Victor Groundhog.

And I actually get to watch the game today, for the first time in a long while, what with work, and Vegas trips. I think it's probably almost two weeks since I saw our Diamondbacks in action. So, looking forward to this one, and comments should follow in abundance. Feel free to join me...