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Gameday Thread, #123: 8/19 vs. San Diego

Claudio Vargas, RHP (9-8, 5.10)
Mike Thompson, RHP (3-3, 4.25)

Just in time for first pitch, so I'll keep this short. Our Internet connection is also playing up [I blame Go Daddy... :-)] so comments may be few and far between unless that gets sorted out. The Padres are forced to go with a spot starter in Thompson, since regularly-scheduled pitcher Clay Hensley has a stomach virus. Hopefully, Arizona will be able to take advantage of this and come back into the series.

We wasted an opportunity yesterday, with the Dodgers and Reds losing, and the net result was to tighten the Wild-Card race, with eight teams now withing 4.5 games of the Reds. We're still in the race, but need to start putting together a decent win streak, or else could find ourselves trampled to the back of the pack by the rush.