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Gameday Thread, #121: 8/17 vs. Rockies

Brandon Webb, RHP (13-4, 2.77)
Josh Fogg, RHP (8-7, 4.59)

Yawn. Morning, folks. I have a good feeling about today. A small winning streak, and our ace on the mound, facing a guy whose ERA is closer to the Denver-like figures we'd expect? Bring it on. Though I wonder if they'll have cut the infield grass at Coors? They were talking yesterday about how the Rockies allow it to grow - that assists their groundball pitchers, by slowing hits down and allowing their infield more chance to grab them.

However, today, they're facing His Royal Majesty as far as groundballs go, and I also note that they're about to go on a road trip, so it'll have time to grow back before their pitchers need it again. Therefore, it would not surprise me if the infield at Coors is more closely manicured than Drew Barrymore's, ah, pool-table. :-) This is, after all, a team which believes they should be entitled to change the game by - there's no other word for it - doctoring the baseballs, so I doubt they'd have any qualms about giving their infield a #2 buzz-cut.

But it won't do them any good. After what was really a rehab start last time, I fully expect the 2006 Cy Young winner to be back to full strength this time. Seven innings, one earned run. That's my prediction: our offense won't be outrageous, but will be sufficient, and we'll head off to San Diego in excellent spirit and on a bit of a roll to face the slumping Padres, who are 5-10 this month. Finally, a somewhat belated tip of the hat to Purple Row, for their continually excellent coverage of the entire Rockies system. Fortunately, here in Arizona, we have William K for that!