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Gameday Thread, #120: 8/16 vs. Rockies

Livan Hernandez, RHP (9-9, 5.30)
Aaron Cook, RHP (8-10, 3.87)

Heavy boots of lead
Fills his victims full of dread
Running as fast as they can
Iron man lives again!

I imagine Livan Hernandez snorting derisively, "Eight pitchers used last night? Hah! It was only eighteen innings. I'd still have been on the mound, and I'd have got more hits than certain batters I could mention..." But certainly, who better to start than Hernandez v2.0, the night after your bullpen has been forced into twelve innings of sublime, heroic, shutout work? Well, I'd probably still have gone with Brandon Webb, but failing that, Livan is a good bet - after all, he had led his league in innings pitched, each of the past three seasons. [Though Livan will be outside the top 10, even after tonight, unless he does pitch into extra-innings!]

A win tonight would be very nice, particularly as the Dodgers got smacked around something awful by the Marlins this afternoon (to the tune of 15-4). Hopefully this will knock the wheels off the LA bandwagon for their upcoming series against San Francisco. I note, with some concern, that rooting for the Giants is becoming scarily common. However, this is only because they're bottom of the division, and so present least threat to us. I want to assure you that my dislike of Mr. B.Bonds is remains undiminished. ;-)

It seems likely that Carlos Quentin - 0-for-10 in the series so far - will be back on the bench, and Shawn Green will get the start in right-field. We could certainly do with some move to jumpstart the offense, which has scored five runs in twenty-seven innings so far. [Some of the later at-bats I saw were particularly painful and lacking in patience, though I appreciate fatigue was understandably playing a part]. Thus far, I think we are somewhat lucky to have got a split, but hopefully we can build on this going forward, and still win three out of four.

I will be going out about the third inning, but will make damn sure that the GameDay Thread is properly posted! However, I plan to follow proceedings from the Tilted Kilt down on Kyrene and Warner. But getting this up early, since we have a realtor coming to look at the house, and Mrs. SnakePit wants the place to look like a little tea-cup.