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Gameday Thread, #116: 8/12 vs. Marlins

Scott Olsen, LHP (9-5, 3.92)
Brandon Webb, RHP (12-4, 2.74)

Be holding our breath somewhat today, this being Brandon Webb's first start of the month, his last one having been skipped due to elbow soreness. Losing our ace is the last thing we need, so we'll be keen to see him come back, throw a good game - and perhaps most importantly, suffer no ill effects tomorrow. At time of writing, the Dodgers have already won, the Padres are well up, and the Reds are also leading their game, so winning this one takes on additional significance.

Another Marlins rookie takes the mound for them, and it's a left-hander in the shape of Olsen, which complicates matters significantly. Olsen had a wobbly May (7.98 ERA in six starts), but is otherwise a bit of a phenom, with the loss in his last outing, the first one he's had since June. Given the way our offense slumbered last night, managing only three hits, this has all the potential of a quick, low-scoring affair.