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Gameday Thread, #87: 7/8 vs. Rockies

Brandon Webb, RHP (9-3, 2.72)
Jason Jennings, RHP (6-6, 3.85)

Now that Webb's got the win-monkey off his back, with that complete-game performance against Oakland, hopefully he can maintain the run with a good performance versus the Rockies today. Not least, for the sake of the bullpen, which is probably feeling like two miles of bad road, as since the last time Webb started, our relief corps have through more innings than our alleged "starters". Shouldn't be an issue today, weather and unforeseen injury aside. Webb failing to throw at least five innings has only happened six times in his career, in 114 starts, and the last time was back on September 17, 2004.

Certainly, the league's top sinkerballer is the ideal man to pitch in Denver, and it's clear Coors Field has no fears for him - he threw seven innings of one-run ball there on Opening Day. And in eight career starts in Colorado, he's thrown 49.2 innings and his ERA there is 3.81. He's facing Jennings, who has been solid, and his home ERA (3.82) this year is actually fractionally lower than his one away from Coors, so he seems to be coping with the altitude thus far.

Be interesting to see if Melvin keeps the same lineup as yesterday, with Counsell dropped down to number eight. I presume we will likely see Byrnes back, but will it simply be a straight swap for DaVanon. Frankly, I'd like to see both of them in the lineup, with LuGon's unproductive butt getting benched: he's just another 0-for-4 away from his average hitting a season low. But with Melvin at least acknowledging Counsell's failures as a lead-off hitter, the OBP watch has been removed from the sidebar. All suggestions of what should replace it, are welcome.

And, hooray! Another Diamondbacks blog is born: Zephon, who you might know if you pop into Diamondbacks Bullpen, has started up his own blog. Delighted to see someone taking up the, mouse, on behalf of Arizona, so pop over, leave a comment, and generally make the man feel welcome and encouraged to post more often. :-)