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Gameday Thread, #86: 7/7 vs. Rockies

Miguel Batista, RHP (8-5, 4.94)
Byung-Hyun Kim, RHP (5-4, 4.83)

Look! It's Kim! We get to see one of our favourite all-time D'backs again tonight, albeit in a shirt of a different color, since he's now with the Rockies. We still wish him all the best, but obviously, our fandom will be tempered tonight somewhat - not too much though, since part of me still wishes the team would go into a slump which would allow for some serious house-cleaning. I'm tired of the "We suck! No, we're really good! We suck again!" performances seen lately. Make your frickin' mind up, D'backs, will ya?

Expect the lineup to be heavily stacked with left-handed hitters tonight, as Kim has shown a significant tendency to have problems against them: they've got a .422 OBA facing him, compared to only .311 for right-handers. Meanwhile, we go with Batista, who was brilliant in his last start, taking a perfect game deep into the seventh inning, and pitching a complete-game three-hitter. Therefore, he will probably blow chunks today. This is Coors Field, after all: so, load up your fantasy team with AZ hitters, sit back and enjoy the (somewhat-belated) fireworks. And say "Hello" to Purple Row, for the Rockies side of things.