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Gameday Thread, #95: 7/20 vs. Dodgers

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Mark Hendrickson, LHP (4-10, 3.77)
Brandon Webb, RHP (10-3, 2.52)

Batting seventh, in left-field: Carlos Quentin. Yep, no Gonzo tonight - truly, The Future is Now. We should get shirts made. :-) However, Melvin's comments before the game make it clear that we should not expect this every day. "This is just a guy that we feel is ready for the big leagues. But is not here in a starting role right now. Gonzo is going to be back out there tomorrow. But certainly Gonzo wants to play everyday and I don't blame him. Gonzo is swinging the bat well and I expect him to continue to swing the bat well."

Exactly where Quentin is going to get into the lineup, remains to be seen. We already have DaVanon capable of operating as the fourth outfielder when necessary, so it's hard to see this as a sustainable scenario for the long-term, even if (as tonight) Quentin gets to start against left-handed pitching. My money is still on one of Gonzalez or Green - most likely the latter, but hell, in an ideal universe, both - being traded away between now and the deadline. Otherwise, this roster move doesn't really make an awful lot of sense.

Elsewhere in tonight's game, Brandon Webb takes on Mark Hendrickson, in what should see Arizona with the edge. However, despite the fact that he is 1-7 in the past two months, Hendrickson did allow only a single run last time out, and that was against a powerful St. Louis lineup. He also pitched a complete game versus the Tigers, with only one unearned run to show for it, so it would be wrong to underestimate the potential here.

However, if we can pry three runs from the Dodgers tonight, that should be enough; it would be very little surprise at all if we were to see back-to-back complete games. Webb has been insanely good lately, with an 0.78 ERA for his three July starts, covering 23 innings. I expect more of the same, and think that by the end of the night, we'll either be back in second, or a game closer to the Padres. The major-league debut of a stud prospect and the best pitcher in the NL starting for us? Mrs. SnakePit and I would like to thank the Diamondbacks for this fine 4th anniversary gift - now, let's just hope they can tie the series off with a win, so we don't need to exchange it for towels. :-)