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Gameday Thread, #94: 7/19 vs. Dodgers

Derek Lowe, RHP (7-6, 3.98)
Miguel Batista, RHP (8-5, 4.94)

The disappointing loss last night turns this one into an almost must-win for Arizona: victory would assure us at least a split of the series, with our ace on the mound tomorrow, while a loss would leave us fighting from behind. There's good news and bad on the opposing pitcher front. Lowe has lost three of his past four, allowing a massive 38 hits, eight walks and 22 earned runs in 21 innings. On the other hand, the fourth game, which he won, was against Arizona, though he lasted the bare minimum five innings that night.

We go with Batista, who seems to be the general consensus pick as our #2 starter (with apologies to Ben and flyingdutchman on this one!), and has a decent 3.60 ERA for his three starts in July, but only one win to show for it. He faced the Dodgers back on July 22nd, and got the win - though like Lowe, only just, producing five innings of three-run ball. His K's have been way down the past couple of games, just two in eleven innings, and 11 in the last 32 - the latter is as many as in his first start - but I'm not sure if that means anything.

Anyway, decks have been cleared, and I even got my haircut, so we should be ready to rock and roll in full effect this evening. Look forward to getting my first look at Drew tonight, and hopefully his defence will be as solid as it's been over the first couple of games of this series.