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Gameday Thread, #91: 7/16 vs. Brewers

Dave Bush, RHP (5-7, 4.34)
Claudio Vargas, RHP (7-5, 4.91)

Let's see if we can finish off the Brewers, shall we? With a pair of devastating victories - one dramatically snatched, the other using a relentless combination of good hitting and pitching - we've already taken the series, but it would be great to sustain the momentum as we go back into divisional play. Much will depend on how long Vargas can last: while he hasn't allowed more than three runs in his last five starts, only once has he got past the sixth innings, and last time out, went just four frames. The walks are a concern, with 12 in 27.1 innings, though he does have 26 K's to go with it.

Bush has been pretty solid of late, allowing 10 earned runs in 35 innings, over his last five outings, so my instinct is the Brewers probably do have the pitching edge. However, despite this, Bush has only one win over that time, so has not been getting much run support. We should look for that to continue, and the Brewers have struggled in this series, plating only four over the first two games of the set. If the top of the order can continue to hit, in the way they did during Saturday's game, then that'll be a solid foundation for victory. I should be about for the first couple of innings, before having to go to work.

And with that, to bed. Though it might not be there, quite yet. Mrs. SnakePit is sitting beside me, playing around with Google Earth, which has got to be one of the coolest toys I've ever seen. We've already scoped out Scottsdale, my home town of Forres in Scotland, my old stomping-ground in South London, our potential future next home of Rock Island in Tennessee [hey, we could go catch Smokies games!] and have barely scratched the surface of the wonders available. Why leave the house when you have this? :-) Though the conspiracist in me is whispering, "If this is publicly available, you know the military is keeping stuff 1000 times better for itself..."