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AZ 4, Brewers 3 - But wait! There's more!

Record: 44-45. Change on last season: +2

Didn't seem like a great deal of enthusiasm for today's game, not least among those who run the Diamondbacks' website. Past 1am, it still pronounced our first game of the second part of the season a defeat. The headline had clearly undergone some rapid revision, after J-strada's ninth-inning blast, but below that, you could still read, "The Diamondbacks offense could not string together any key at-bats on Friday night at Chase Field and the end result was a 3-2 loss at the hands of the Brewers."

Can't say I really blame them though: I don't know if it was the first day back after the layoff, or the joys of playing the Brewers, or what, but for whatever reason, it seemed like nobody really cared much about this one - thanks to TheMainMan and dahlian, the only commentators in-game. It was, frankly, a bit of a yawner through the first eight and a half innings; which is odd, given it was almost always a one-run game, from beginning to end.

It looked, at first, like this was going to be a blow-out, as three of our first four hitters reached, on a hit and two walks, to load the bases with only one out. But all we managed to score was one run, on an RBI groundout by LuGon, and between that and Estrada's walkoff homer, the only other scoring we managed was an unearned run off Davis in the fifth. Hudson reached on an error, was bunted by Batista to second, and came home on a single by Counsell, to make it a one-run game.

Davis settled down after the first inning, and the Brewers kept their noses in front, after scoring two in the third off Batista. They added another in the fifth, but that was all the managed, as Miggy confounded his critics [cough, Ben, cough :-)] with another quality start. Seven innings, eight hits and only one K, but no walks: he only threw 84 pitches and could probably have gone further, but offense become more crucial and he was pulled for a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the seventh.

For the second game in a row, Randy Choate was back to his old ways: brought in to face a lefty, he failed, giving up a leadoff double to Geoff Jenkins to start the eighth. However, Brandon Medders came in, stranded Jenkins at second, and also pitched a scoreless ninth to become the beneficiary of Estrada's shot - first-pitch hacking, natch! - into the bleachers, after LuGon had doubled to lead off the bottom of the ninth. Medders and Estrada politely deferred to each other as the games MVP.

Hey, give it to both of them, though generally, our pitching was better than our offense. Gonzo and J-Strada had two hits each, but they were the only ones, as the Brewers outhit us, 9-7. Counsell did reach twice, on a hit and a walk, but the big news is, he broke a rib after swinging through a pitch in the seventh inning. I'm not quite sure how he managed to do that (there's speculation it might be as much to do with getting hit there by Jose Mesa last Sunday), but the long and the short of it is: three to six weeks out. And you know what that means...

Yep, the Stephen Drew era is about to begin in Arizona. He did not play on Friday for the Sidewinders, but there's no word yet as to whether he will appear on Saturday. Said Melvin, " "For the most part, I've let guys sit down over there for a day to get their legs under them," and with the Brewers ace Capuano on the mound Saturday, it might be deemed prudent to let him take the day off.

As long as that's all. If we're going to start the clock running on Drew, I do not want him to be sitting on the bench while Damion Easley vacuums up any at-bats. I do not care whether they are against lefties, righties or tenticular horrors recently promoted from the opposition's Triple-A affiliate at Miskatonic [named the Old Ones, no doubt]. Drew is highly-enough regarded that he should be capable of facing them all, and the sooner he does so, the better. There will be setbacks. There will be slumps. There will, undoubtedly, be errors. But this kinda marks a line in the sand, so join with me in reciting the mantra for the rest of the season:


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