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Gameday Thread, #90: 7/15 vs. Brewers

Chris Capuano, LHP (10-4, 3.21)
Brandon Webb, RHP (9-3, 2.65)

After the thrilling excitement of last night's game - okay, the last two plate appearances were mildly interesting - today features a great match-up, between the #1 and #2 pitchers in the National League for quality starts. These two have each been the rocks upon which their teams have built the season so far, but only one can come out on top here today - if either of them do. At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, it'd be nice if we hadn't traded Capuano to the Brewers as a small part of the price for 90 at-bats from Richie Sexson. But did anyone think he'd turn into such an ace? I think that goes into almost the same box as "Dan Uggla, 2006 All-Star".

However, aces or not, it's likely attention among fans will be diverted somewhat, as we wait the debut of Stephen Drew. Will it be today? Though he has been whacking left-handers pretty good down in Tucson, Melvin's comments after the game yesterday seemed to suggest that he'll not be in the lineup immediately, and will get a day to settle in to the majors before he gets thrown to the, brewers. My instinct is that Easley will probably get the start this evening, and Drew will make his debut in tomorrow afternoon's game.

Still, should be an interesting game in more than a couple of ways...