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Mlblogs Ahoy!

It's funny: you wait all year for a new D'backs blog, and then a bunch come around all at once. After posting about Zephon's new baby, I was poking around over at, and discovered a few other shoots, some just tentatively poking their heads into the desert air. Whether these will survive and flourish or be gobbled up by those twin predators, Apathy and Distraction, only time will tell...

We'll start off with Arizona By Night, because it's written by Jeremy, another Brit. Hooray! God Save the Queen! Pip-pip! :-) His first post was just July 5th, and as he puts it, "I've discovered MLB.TV and my sleep patterns have been well and truly destroyed." Hehehe. Welcome to the world of time-shifted D'back fandom! Then there's Charge the Mound, a seasoned veteran in comparison, dating back to June 3rd. I was impressed how its owner decided not to use 'The Snake Pit' as the name. A wise move there, Chad!

What seems to be the oldest is Diamondhacks which, as the name suggests, is a somewhat grumpy kinda beast: the "get off ma damn lawn, ya kids!" of mlblogs. However, Matt does seem to have mellowed somewhat since his earlier days, and I have to forgive him for introducing me to the joys of the Universal Translator. [If you want to see AZ SnakePit translated into pimpspeak...well, you should probably get out more often. But, I digress.]

I must also tip my hat to Kellia, who runs the only D'backs blog devoted, in the main, to one player: Down the Left Field Line: Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes. I can see the appeal; Byrnes no-nonsense hustle and genuine enthusiasm bring fans wherever he goes, including here in Arizona. She's been going since October last year, so this is clearly no passing fad; however, my concern here is whether this will still count as an Arizona blog come the trade deadline... :-(

Add in Steve Gilbert's previously-acknowledged Tao of Steve, and there's quite the thriving little mini-community of D'backs blogs there. In fact, these five mean that the D'backs have the most of any NL West team, ahead of LA (4), Colorado (2) and SF + SD (1 apiece). I've grouped them together in their own little section of the sidebar. Long may they all flourish, grow and be enthusiastic promoters of Diamondbacks fandom, in all its varied forms worldwide.