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Can I just say...

I hope that the Padres win the NL West, and reach the World Series - though that would probably require an unfortunate three-pronged killer-asteroid barrage taking out New York, St. Louis and Los Angeles in October. Meanwhile, the Twins capture the AL Wild-card and buzzsaw their way through the American League playoffs, on the back of Santana and Liriano. The Padres fight the Twins to a tie through the first six games, but then have to face Liriano in Game 7. And, all because Hoffman couldn't get the third out tonight, they have to do so in the Metrodome, where the Twins have run their record to 1,398-0 in post-season play.

Stupid Hoffman. Stupid All-Star game. Stupid American League. And stupid, stupid Bud Selig for his "this time it counts" BS.