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Gameday Thread, #59: 6/7 vs Phillies

Ryan Madson, RHP (5-3, 6.04)
Dustin Nippert, RHP (no record)

The first day of the post-Grimsley era, and boy, could we do with a win. Afternoon game, not on television, which is a terrible shame, since I'd like nothing better than to spent the afternoon listening to Brennaman shooting his mouth off on the topic of GrimsleyGate. [Yes, Virginia, there is a Sarcasm Clause...] We get to see Nippert though, which could be a glimpse of things to come, either later in the season, or in 2007.

According to the radio, I believe the way it pans out, is that Nippert replaces Grimsley on the roster, and Enrique Gonzalez has replaced Juan Cruz. Madson has not exactly been tearing up opposing lineups this year, so I am optimistic we'll be able to avoid the sweep - as long as we keep our attention on the field. Not sure I will, since following our hot-water carnage over the weekend, our cold-water system is now playing up. Go figure...