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Gameday Thread, #58: 6/6 vs Phillies

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Cole Hamels, LHP (0-0, 3.18)
Russ Ortiz, RHP (0-3, 6.91)

What will the Night of the Beast - 6/6/06 - bring us? Spookily, I notice that the schedule also has the Angels playing the Devil Rays... Starting for the Angels is Ervin Santana, whose name simply happens to be an anagram of "I revere Satan" (okay, if you change a couple of letters). Meanwhile, we put our own Antichrist on the mound: according to the Piecoroblog, Ortiz has been moved up to tonight, with Terry Mulholland back on the DL with an "ear infection". Mulholland faced exactly one hitter - allowing a home-run to him - and threw two pitches in his time with the club since his last DL stint. Maybe it would be kinder just to put him to sleep.

This is Hamels' first game back off the DL following a shoulder issue. It's only his third career start, and we have had trouble in the past facing unknown lefties: wouldn't be surprised if one or more of Easley, DaVanon and Snyder are in the line-up tonight as a result. After the disappointment of last night's game, where we let a three-run lead slip away in the second half, we'll be looking for a bounceback today. I'm not certain that a Russ Ortiz start is quite the way to do it though. Piecoro suggests the aim is to put Ortiz in behind Webb, to ensure the bullpen will be well-rested for the Manatee's starts. Makes sense to me. I won't be around for this, since it's IZW tonight: can't really say I'm too sorry...