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Gameday Thread: #57: 6/5 vs. Phillies

Cory Lidle, RHP (4-5, 4.86)
Brandon Webb, RHP (8-0, 2.01)

The Diamondbacks have announced a partnership with Gila River Casino:

All aspects of the game, from the broadcasts, to in-game entertainment, to the Chase Field plaza and rotunda, will now be presented by Gila River Casinos... Said team President Rich Dozer. "They are important members of the community and care deeply for their people, customers and our fans."

Gila River Casinos will have presence on the ballpark plaza, including permanent signage on the light poles and above the ticket windows, logos on entry barriers at the gates and on all turnstiles. In stadium, their logo will be displayed on the home and visiting dugouts, stadium cup holders, and outfield wall. The television and radio broadcasts will also mention the presenting partnership at the beginning and end of every game.

Pardon me if I find the concept of a baseball team getting in bed with a casino somewhat uncomfortable. Anyone remember Pete Rose? The Chicago Black Sox? Seems the Diamondbacks don't. I'm also somewhat uneasy about blanket advertising for an adults-only activity such as gambling. Now, I know many breweries have similar arrangements, but the scale of this seems far, far beyond anything like that. Maybe it's just me though...

So, tonight we see Brandon Webb, presented by Gila River Casinos. Webb doesn't really count as much of a gamble: so far, he has been the closest thing to a sure bet on this team, and comes in leading the majors with eight wins as well as an ERA barely above two. He also comes in with a 25-inning scoreless streak and - all being well - should break the franchise record held by Andy Benes, before the end of tonight.

It's all the more remarkable we swept Atlanta without Webb, but it means we have a fine chance to get the homestand off to a good start with a win tonight. Lidle has a lot of strikeouts (57 in 63 innings), but only a 4-5 record, and a 4.86 ERA, so he is pretty hittable. The way we've been playing recently, it's difficult to see how we can lose - still, the joy of baseball is, past performance is no guarantee of future success. However, Webb allowing any runs is not something I'd stake money on seeing tonight. 6-1 Arizona, with the lone run coming out of the bullpen in the eighth. Check out The Good Phight for the Phillies pheeling on the matter, which may differ...