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Gameday Thread, #56: 6/3 vs Braves

Miguel Batista, RHP (5-2, 4.12)
Jorge Sosa, RHP (1-6, 4.68)

Hey all, sorry for the lack of anaylsis ... I know we got plenty to talk about with the Enrique move, but I blame that on the Gameday Posters ... You never name a new puppy! All that happens is it get's taken away!

So i'm posting the game day thread early ... I've got a family gathering in the morning and i'm off to hit some sleep before that ... might be around for some posts on the game day, but this East Coast trip doesn't work well for a guy that get's off work at Midnight.

Sosa again plays into mediocore challanges for the D-backs from the much vaunted ATL pitching. He's 0-1 in 3 starts, and a ERA of 3.46. Of the 5 earned runs he's given up, 3 of them are homeruns, and a average of 4.1 innings per apperance against the D-Backs.

Batista is coming off 2 straight wins, and the complete game gem that if he can produce again, we are looking in good shape to sweep the Braves. Miggy has posted mostly poor numbers life time vs. Hot-Lanta, but gave a QS last time out during the 'Interleague Weekend' (i'm still humored by that).

My thanks in advance to the East Coast friends who get to enjoy the game and post, and thank you all for being so tolerant of my total abuse of the (American) English. I'm going to write a brief series wrap up after I get back Sunday, and will hand this big kabob back over to Jim who's still Enjoying that beautiful California smog (hehe, can't resist).

Get Em, D-Backs.