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GameDay Thread #80: 6/30 vs. A's

Claudio Vargas, RHP (6-4, 4.85)
Kirk Saarloos, RHP (3-4, 4.57)

Vargas has been our most consistent pitcher this month, allowing more than two earned runs only once in five starts. However, he only has one win to his name, going 0-2 over the course of the current losing streak, partly because he's got only 3.5 runs per game in support during this time. In June as a whole, he's allowed 30 hits and six walks over 30 innings, which is credible stuff. His ERA for the month (3.90) is the best in the rotation, so hopefully he'll keep us in the game.

Saarloos had been pretty tough this month (allowing more than two earned runs only once), and the A's have as well, going 18-7 including a streak of ten in a row. They did drop two of three in San Diego, scoring only seven runs in the series, so will be looking forward to coming home again. You should, as ever, go check out Athletics Nation, which is what I hope the SnakePit becomes when we grow up. ;-) Their last GameDay thread had almost 1400 comments, split over four separate posts. Some day...some day... Of course, whether they'd have adequately amused suitsmetoATandT, is an entirely different matter altogether... :-)