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Gameday Thread, #78: 6/28 vs Mariners

Felix Hernandez, RHP (7-7, 5.10)
Edgar Gonzalez, RHP (0-1, 6.00)

According to our horoscopes, both Mrs. SnakePit and I are having five-star days today, which can mean only one thing - a Diamondbacks win at the game we're going to tonight. Put it in your book, the stars have spoken. Looking at the matchup, I'm less convinced: Hernandez may have an ERA north of five, but he has been significantly better in his more recent outings. EdGon, while a little short of EnGon in his first performance, gave up four runs in six innings, and was somewhat unlucky to take the loss.

Things that we'll be looking for at tonight's game, in between lustily booing Sexson's every move. ;-)

  • W for EdGon. Be nice to see him building on his last outing, and getting the first win by his name for a very long time.
  • No first inning runs conceded. We can not be forever playing catch-up; even when you're going well, that's an unwanted obstacle. And we are not going well.
  • Multi on-base game for CoJack. After a spell where he couldn't reach first base if he got hit, Jackson is back on track, reaching thirteen times in four games this homestand on seven hits, five walks and a hit by pitch.
  • RBI for Gonzalez. With the HR monkey off his back, Luis will hopefully be swinging with more authority - and getting good at-bats with RISP.
  • Estrada: first-pitch hits >= first-pitch outs. If you're going to swing at the first pitch, make it count.
  • No unearned runs. Hudson tossing the ball away to third last night was an unbearable gaffe; again, when you're going well, you can afford the odd slip. We can't.
  • Bullpen ERA less than 3.00. I'm thinking three shutout innings, finishing with a save for Julio, because runs will probably be tight against Hernandez
  • No K's for Tracy. So far this year, in 75 games, he has struck out once 27 times, more than once 22 and not at all in 26. So this is about a one-in-three chance. However, his last no-K appearance was June 17th...