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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 12


AZ SnakePit 8, BigLebowski 2
Snakepit had their best week of the year, sweeping hitting in convincing style (41-19 in RBIs), batting .316. Pitching was more even, with Big taking K's and wins, behind two vulture victories from Scott Linebrink and 10 K's for Willis.
Man of the Match: Iguchi (AZ) - 7 R, 2 HR, 11 RBI, .333

DFA'ders 5, ?Chalino Sanchez! 5
The first of four ties this week, saw Chalino gallop off to an early lead, taking four hitting categories - though only by two runs. Conversely, DFA took four pitching ones, again narrowly (one win, and .06 in ERA). Therefore, honours even
Man of the Match: Berkman (DFA) - 4 R, 4 HR, 8 RBI

Uk Dbacks 5, The Loose Seals 5
UK were solid against contenders Seals, blanking them in pitching - their Cards starter (Marquis) was slightly less awful than Seals' (Mulder), and four saves from Ryan helped. Offensively, however, Seals swept the board, behind a .333 BA, winning runs 39-10.
Man of the Match: Reyes (Seals) - 10 R, 2 HR, 4 SB, .613

JByrnesIsMyHomie 4, 7-2 Offsuiters 4
Neither side could get the extra save or stolen base, that would have given them victory in a low-scoring match: no-one had more than five runs or one homer. Byrnes took wins, four to zero, but Oswalt's 14 K's gave that to 7-2.
Man of the Match: Mourneau (7-2) - 5 R, 3 HR, 6 RBI, .435

Browncoats 5, BBTNG 5
Despite a .238 average, BBTNG won all the other hitting points, with three HR from Iba?ez [hey, I get to use that ? again! :-)]. Browncoats posted a great 2.02 ERA, with no pitcher above 3.00, and took everything bar K's.
Man of the Match: Sexson (Brown) - 5 R, 3 HR, 6 RBI, .423

GregSchulteOverdrive 4, KarateMonkeyDeathCar 5
None of the top three sides managed to win this week, Greg falling to Karate by nineteen points of BA. Karate took ERA, despite a figure north of five; Greg mustered no wins and only one save. Wright and Wells had three HR each for Greg.
Man of the Match: Ramirez (Karate) - 5 R, 3 HR, 9 RBI, .471

The Fighting Amish 8, Random Fandom 2
Amish narrowed the gap on the top three with an emphatic win. Fandom took BA and ERA, but couldn't prevail elsewhere, despite Myers' 16 K's. Amish's Hern?ndez led all hitters with three HR, while Konerko had eight RBIs for them.
Man of the Match: Bonderman (Amish) - 1 W, 1.29 ERA, 20 K


                           Record  GB
 1.  JByrnesIsMyHomie     77-31-12  -
 2.  The Loose Seals      66-40-14 10
 3.  GregSchulteOverdrive 66-43-11 11.5
 4.  The Fighting Amish   65-43-12 12
 5.  AZ SnakePit          63-50-7  16.5
 6.  BBTNG                58-55-7  21.5
 7.  KarateMonkeyDeathCar 55-57-8  24
 8.  DFA'ders             51-61-8  28
     Random Fandom        51-61-8  28
10.  Uk Dbacks            46-60-14 30
11.  ?Chalino Sanchez!    50-65-5  30.5
12.  Browncoats           44-64-12 33
13.  BigLebowski          45-71-4  36
14.  7-2 Offsuiters       37-73-10 41 

Week 13 Matchups

AZ SnakePit vs. Random Fandom
DFA'ders vs. BigLebowski
Uk Dbacks vs. Chalino Sanchez!
JByrnesIsMyHomie vs. The Loose Seals
Browncoats vs. 7-2 Offsuiters
GregSchulteOverdrive vs. BBTNG
The Fighting Amish vs. KarateMonkeyDeathCar

JByrnes vs. Seals is the TV game, as the top two face off, both seeking to rebound after disappointing weeks. Byrnes will be hoping for better production from Soriano (.115, 2 RBI) and Guerrero (.172, 0 RBI) in the heart of their order. On the other hand, Seals' pitching was blown away last week, and the injured Mulder has now been replaced in their rotation by Lilly, while Baez plays in place of Worrell. Who gets to come out on top? Stay tuned...