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Gameday Thread, #54: 6/02 vs Braves

Enrique Gonzalez, RHP (0-0, 1.50)
John Smoltz, RHP (4-2, 3.58)

I had to double check the started today after all the talk about The Manatee getting ready to return. But, it's Enrique Getting the start.

This feels like one of those classic text book moments where, in Enrique Gonzalez's life he's going to feel like saying to himself `I'm facing THAT guy?' I don't see a guy that pitched as dominating as Enrique did on Saturday being star struck by one of the great Atlanta Braves legends, but I don't envy the thought either.

The line for Smoltz against the D-Backs is almost downright plain. He's been 2-1 in 4 starts, but a 3.12 ERA when you add in the 7 relief appearances. Smoltz was drummed up for 10 hits and 11 runs against the stagnant cubs offense on Sunday, and is nursing a minor hamstring pull. So hopefully his form will be off, and I wouldn't mind seeing some of the speedy guys laying down a bunt for a hit today. With the Usual Suspects expected in the lineup, I'm going to boldly predict ... nothing really, that's bitten Jim in the ass every time he's guaranteed a win. I am interested in seeing Enrique's performance in another pitchers park. He was 6:7 groundball to flyball out's in Shea, and it seems likely to continue in the spacious confines down south.

I'll try to stop by to keep the conversation going as best as possible tonight, but I would like to say thank you in advance for joining us and let's get some cheers for a much deserved win for Enrique.