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D-Backs 2, Braves 1 - CLUTCH!!!

Record: 31-22. Change on last season: +1

I believe that Yahoo Sports or ESPN the Magazine recently ran a story discussing the ridiculous nature of `Clutch' in pro baseball, but I'd be hard pressed to argue against Shawn Green this evening. Facing the fourth pitcher of the inning (nay, the fourth in as many batters!), Shawn Green turned the 1-2 pitch from Mike Remlinger to the opposite field and brought home the pinch hitter DaVanon and the other Green (you could say he was `pinching' someone else's Green ... but I digress) and ended up being all the offense we needed in a almost unexpected pitcher duel that allowed us to maintain the divisional lead for another day.

Curz's control was in question at times, but I've yet to see the video tape myself. I'll be checking that out later tonight, taking a random sampling and looking for the fine defensive plays made by the middle infielders, and CoJack, who again made us ask the question `WWBMPTC?' or, "Why would Bob Melvin Play Tony Clark?' Shirts coming soon, for those devoted and asking the same question to yourself .

The bullpen questions were answered in that kind of season finale of Lost or 24 kind of way. We got the end result, but I think there are still questions given the nature of 3 talented guys (Lyon, Julio, and yes, Valverde. A bad stretch of luck or stubbornness doesn't take away from talent) with similar skills in the same bullpen, gunning for the same position.

Numbers of Note

7:0 - Eric Byrnes ratio of SB's to CS. ESPN.COM projections : 31 HR, 24 SB. Hmm. Mr. Byrnes also extended his hitting streak to 15 games with his first inning single. 1 - Chad Tracy's additional K's on the season. 5 - Men left on base by Tracy and Conner Jackson. This number drops to 0 when you hit Shawn Green's spot in the order.

No such thing as clutch indeed ...

I'm going to post the Fangraph in the morning ... got a few late night things to do and then I'll be working on tomorrows post ... this is more nerve racking then a date! Thanks to VIII, azdb7, dahlian (our apparent resident thespian ) William K, johngordonma, frienetic, and Mr. Jim McLennan and Mrs. Snakepit as they were out the door for Californ-i-a. Good turn out folks, hope to have all your attention tomorrow again, give Jim a reason to trust me . Game Day post to come about 3, and hopefully I won't have to punish myself like Billy Beene and watch the Yahoo box score all day again.