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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 11


AZ SnakePit 4, ?Chalino Sanchez! 6
Sanchez used pitching to win, with a 2.82 ERA and 0.92 WHIP, rolling to easy wins in both categories. Offensively, both teams were quiet, with only 43 RBIs and nine homers combined. Jeter had 4 SB for Snakepit, more than Sanchez's total.
Man of the Match: Liriano (Chalino) - 1 W, 11 K, 0.86 WHIP

DFA'ders 4, The Loose Seals 3
A tight game, with SB, W and Sv all tied; DFA took BA by just six points, giving them victory: Young's five-hit day Sunday for Texas proved crucial. Reyes batted .500 and stole three bases for Loose; Harang fanned 16 for them too.
Man of the Match: Cantu (DFA) - 5 R, 2 HR, 8 RBI

Uk Dbacks 4, 7-2 Offsuiters 6
Offsuiters outhit UK convincingly, losing only SB, though Felix led all batters with 8 RBI: Off countered with 3 HR by Lugo and Green. UK took saves, behind three from Nathan, but Lugo's seven runs powered 7-2's offense.
Man of the Match: Garland (7-2) - 2 W, 2.03 ERA, 0.83 WHIP

JByrnesIsMyHomie 4, BBTNG 4
A hard-fought contest ended in a tie, HR and Wins finishing even. BBTNG took ERA with a 1.66 performance, but Byrnes took K's with three double-digit returns. Dunn has 3 homers for BBTNG, while Atkins led Byrnes with 8 RBI.
Man of the Match: Contreras (JByrnes) - 1 W, 24 K, 1.07 WHIP

Browncoats 2, KarateMonkeyDeathCar 7
Karate pulled out the biggest win of the week, coming within one win of sweeping pitching, and with an ERA under three. Byrd's ten K's were the game high. Hitting was more even, Abreu's three SB's enough to give that to Brown.
Man of the Match: Isringhausen (Karate) - 4 Sv, 6 K, 1.00 WHIP

GregSchulteOverdrive 5, The Fighting Amish 5
The televised game was a powerful pitching duel, Greg taking K's 56-52. Power was equally apparent in homers, the teams combining for 24. Helton's 8 runs were enough for Amish, who won ERA with a 2.22 score. Wright had 11 RBI for Greg.
Man of the Match: Carpenter (Greg) - 2 W, 17 K, 0.64 ERA

BigLebowski 4, Random Fandom 5
Fandom pipped Big; a tie in HR at three was enough to give them the game, despite their ongoing lack of saves. Santana fanned 18 for them. Big hit only .217, but still took runs with six by Thome. Street and Turnbow had three saves.
Man of the Match: Guillen (Random) - 7 R, 2 HR, 9 RBI


                           Record  GB
 1.  JByrnesIsMyHomie     73-27-10  -
 2.  The Loose Seals      61-35-14 10
 3.  GregSchulteOverdrive 62-38-10 11
 4.  The Fighting Amish   57-41-12 15
 5.  AZ SnakePit          55-48-7  19.5
 6.  BBTNG                53-50-7  21.5
 7.  KarateMonkeyDeathCar 50-53-7  24.5
 8.  Random Fandom        49-53-8  25
 9.  DFA'ders             46-56-8  28
10.  Uk Dbacks            41-55-14 30
11.  ?Chalino Sanchez!    45-60-5  30.5
12.  BigLebowski          43-63-4  33
13.  Browncoats           39-59-12 33
14.  7-2 Offsuiters       33-69-8  41 

Week 12 Matchups

AZ SnakePit vs. BigLebowski
DFA'ders vs. ?Chalino Sanchez!
Uk Dbacks vs. The Loose Seals
JByrnesIsMyHomie vs. 7-2 Offsuiters
Browncoats vs. BBTNG
GregSchulteOverdrive vs. KarateMonkeyDeathCar
The Fighting Amish vs. Random Fandom

The televised game sees Greg taking on Karate. Greg appear for the second week in a row, and will be looking for another strong pitching performance: Schilling and Carpenter have 161 K's between them, while Rogers has ten wins. Karate performed very well last week, and will hope for power from Hafner, who has 18 home runs thus far. Eckstein leads them with a .322 average, while Wright heads Greg, hitting .336 on the year.