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Gameday Thread, #69: 6/18 vs Texas

Enrique Gonzalez, RHP (2-0, 1.64)
Kameron Loe, RHP (3-6, 5.57)

And so, we turn once again, to EnGon, and see if he can do what no other Diamondbacks pitcher has done in exactly two weeks: win. And that includes three starts by our ace, as well as eight by other starters. His performance against the Giants was one of the few bright spots over that time-frame, keeping us in the game even though our offense - as has been its habit lately - sputtered. Probably helps that it was a rare occasion when we stopped the opposition from scoring in the first inning.

If he pitches as well as that again, we should certainly have a chance. Especially since Kameron - dig that Krazy K - Loe is hardly setting the world on fire this season, and has proved particularly hittable over his past few outings. I fancy EnGon to take this one, avert the sweep and end the losing streak once more - then arrange for the permanent installation of democracy in Iraq, avert global warming, and solve the federal budget deficit, before getting on the plane for Pittsburgh. Not asking too much, are we?

As noted, expect me around later rather than earlier, depending on what time consciousness beckons, and whether my first glance at the scoreboard is enough to send me running back to bed, and pulling the cover over my head.