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Gameday Thread, #66: 6/15 vs Giants

Matt Morris, RHP (3-7, 5.13)
Miguel Batista, RHP (6-3, 4.69)

Morris probably isn't far behind Russ Ortiz on the "overpaid and underachieving" scale of pitching this season. He signed a three-year, $27m contract, but his performances so far have been more in line with the two-year, $13m deal offered by his former club, St. Louis. Like Ortiz too, he's a "proven winner", who had a career record of 101-62 before this year. But after dominating until 2001 (when he went 22-8, and came third in the NL Cy Young, behind Randy 'n' Curt), he has fallen off; his ERA+ in the past two years were below-par, at 89 and 104.

Batista suffers from the same consistencophobia as most of our starters. In thirteen starts, he's allowed two or less runs in six - but five or more in four others. The bad news is, his sole start against the Giants this season fell firmly into the latter category, a five inning, eleven hits and six earned runs outing on April 17th. Though he did escape with a no decision, that being the game where we came back from 7-0 down to lead going into the ninth, only for Valverde to blow up in a 10-9 loss. [It was also the game where a guy threw a tube of sports gel at 'Roidman]

Some defense would be nice. Batista has suffered more than most from that this year: he's endured eight unearned runs this year, twice as many as any other starter [Brandon Medders, however, also has eight, and only has nine earned runs to his name.] No television for this one, it's radio-only, but that's fine by me. I'll be sitting in the office, getting caught up on some writing with KTAR beside me - rather than having to locate the energy to move from fluffy bed or comfy couch. So comments from me should be plentiful!