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Gameday Thread, #65: 6/14 vs Giants

Matt Cain, RHP (4-5, 5.20)
Claudio Vargas, RHP (6-3, 5.34)

It just struck me, the Giants are probably as happy to be missing Webb, as we are to be missing Schmidt. Anyway, today instead sees two pitchers, neither of whom have exactly set the world on fire this season. Cain is the great hope for the Giants future, but has been the consistently inconsistent: in five May starts, he allowed six runs, eight runs, got taken out after two innings, then pitched a complete game one-hitter, and finished with 5.2 innings of two-hit ball. But this month, he has only lasted nine innings over two starts, allowing 13 hits and five walks.

To counter, we send up Vargas whose W-L record is at odds with a bloated ERA, and who is probably even more variable than Cain: in eleven starts this year, he has only ever allowed 0-2, or 5+ earned runs. He's never mediocre, it seems - he's either great or awful. Does have a bit of a fondness for the long-ball: ten in 60.2 innings, one of the top twenty rates in the NL. Not that this should be a major issue with the Giants, since collectively, they have just 56 homers - only the Padres and Cubs have less in the league.

But the question is really, which Claudio will turn up? Good Vargas or Bad Vargas? The answer to that, likely determines the outcome of this game. In the event that I wake up early tomorrow and feel like doing another poster - and that's most unlikely, given I've already dozed off twice today! - think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde would seem to be an appropriate starting point...