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Gameday Thread, #62: 6/10 vs Mets

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Alay Soler, RHP (1-1, 5.00)
Brandon Webb, RHP (8-0, 2.14)

Was chatting to npineda yesterday, and he was - with a certain amount of schadenfreude - pointing out how the D'backs went 4-0 when he was covering, but are 0-5 since I came back. I was almost tempted to let him weave his magic today...until I remembered we've got a Webb start on our hands. This will be the acid test of the curse, which began with a loss in a Webb start, for the opener of the homestand on Monday - y'know, back in the golden age when Grimsley was "veteran presence" rather than "despised stoolie".

So if we lose this one, I'm letting npineda post the Gameday Thread on Sunday, see if that breaks the vicious cycle into which we've sunk. And should that fail, we'll move onto the virgin sacrifices...if I can find one of them in Scottsdale. ;-) But I'm optimistic that won't be necessary, as we showed signs of life in yesterday's game, which suggest we may finally be moving past the Grimsley era. There's no question about it, this has shaken the club badly over the past few days. As Ken Kendrick said:

"Clearly he was a distraction. It's remained a distraction... Our team hasn't played the same since the day this thing happened. You can see it out there."

However, despite this, the fact remain: no-one in the NL West has a better record than the Diamondbacks. We can still draw a line underneath this sorry affair, and get back to playing the kind of baseball which we're capable of playing, without too much damage. A good performance from our starters would be very helpful in this regard, and no-one in the majors is better suited to do that than Webb. We shouldn't underestimate Soler, even if we slapped him around for seven runs in five frames last time out - that Mets offense is a fearsome thing, once it gets rolling. But I reckon today marks the start of the rest of the 2006 season, and a win will hopefully let us move on forward.