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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 5


GregSchulteOverdrive 3, AZ SnakePit 6
League leaders Greg lost at the hands of Snake, despite posting five wins - two from closer Baez. That was their only pitching success, thanks to a 5.67 ERA. Lee provided all their homers but Snake took the hitting behind Iguchi, Sizemore and Willingham.
Man of the Match: Lee (Greg) - 5 R, 4 HR, 7 RBI

Browncoats 6, DFA'ders 4
What can Brown do for you? Pitch. A 1.81 ERA and 40 K's highlighted their week, though both W and SV went DFA's way, closer Jones notching three saves. Weeks' 4 steals were crucial for Brown, but Berkman's 7 RBI won that category for DFA.
Man of the Match: Glavine (Brown) - 0.00 ERA, 0.57 WHIP, 10 K

JByrnesIsMyHomie 5, Uk Dbacks 3
Sv and HR were tied, while Byrnes rolled to victory in hitting, behind Guerrero's 8 RBIs and CoJack's 7 runs. Howard hit three homers and drove in 9 for UK, who also got three saves from Ryan and a strong outing from Radke.
Man of the Match: Smoltz (Byrnes) - W, 13 K, 0.92 WHIP

BigLebowski 1, The Fighting Amish 9
For the second week in a row, Big were almost shutout, winning WHIP by just 0.01. Otherwise, it was all Amish, with Big being swept in hitting, despite a good week for Thome (8 R, 3 HR, 9 RBI). Valverde saved four games for Amish.
Man of the Match: Utley (Amish) - 9 R, 3 HR, 8 RB, .483

?Chalino Sanchez! 5, KarateMonkeyDeathCar 5
A tie seems right. Karate had the edge in hitting, but Chalino pipped them in pitching. HR was the closest category; Sanchez have 4 by Ordonez to thank for victory there. Gordon and Isrinhausen notched five shutout saves for Karate.
Man of the Match: Hafner (Karate) - 7 R, 4 HR, 13 RBI, .320

The Loose Seals 6, BBTNG 3
The TV encounter went to Seals on the back of strong pitching (1.09 WHIP) from Vazquez and Harang. BBTNG were lead by 13 K's from Bush; Hunter's .440 average gave BBTNG that category. Dunn's 3 HR (curse him!) countered a pair for Loose's Burrell.
Man of the Match: Vazquez (Loose) - 2 W, 1.32 ERA, 13 K, 0.95 WHIP

Random Fandom 8, 7-2 Offsuiters 1
7-2 were a one-man army this week: Glaus was great (9 R, 4 HR, 8 RBI), but the rest of their team couldn't withstand Fandom's overall assault. HR were tied; Sv went to 7-2; the rest was all Random, though W and SB only by a single point.
Man of the Match: Santana (Random) - 2 W, 20 K, 0.79 WHIP


                          Record   GB
 1.  JByrnesIsMyHomie     35-11-4   -
 2.  GregSchulteOverdrive 35-13-2   1
 3.  The Fighting Amish   33-12-5   1.5
 4.  The Loose Seals      26-16-8   7
 5.  Random Fandom        28-19-3   7.5
 6.  AZ SnakePit          22-23-5  12.5
 7.  Browncoats           20-24-6  14
 8.  BBTNG                22-26-2  14
 9.  DFA'ders             22-27-1  14.5
10.  KarateMonkeyDeathCar 20-26-4  15
11.  BigLebowski          19-30-1  17.5
12.  ?Chalino Sanchez!    16-31-3  19.5
13.  Uk Dbacks            13-31-6  21
14.  7-2 Offsuiters       12-34-4  23 

Week 6 Matchups

The Fighting Amish vs. AZ SnakePit
GregSchulteOverdrive vs. DFA'ders
Browncoats vs. Uk Dbacks
Random Fandom vs. JByrnesIsMyHomie
BigLebowski vs. KarateMonkeyDeathCar
?Chalino Sanchez! vs. BBTNG 0
The Loose Seals vs. 7-2 Offsuiters

ESPN's game of the week is Random Fandom vs. JByrnesIsMyHomie. Despite a "hands-off" approach by Fandom - they've made no moves since Draft Day - they have a record solidly above .500. They rely on solid starting, led by Webb, though have yet to get a save. League leaders JByrnes have Contreras as their ace, and a well-balanced offense that has six players with 20+ RBIs.