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Gameday Thread, #49: 5/28 vs Reds

Enrique Gonzalez, RHP (no record)
Bronson Arroyo, RHP (6-2, 2.29)

Do not expect much input from me for this one. Even if I should wake up in time for the horrendously early start, the odds are enormous that the game will be viewed while horizontal, and wrapped in warm, pillowy fluffiness. Sunday mornings are all about NOT getting up, and even the prospect of a home-grown pitcher making his debut does not alter that as an inviolate law of the universe.

So. Enrique Gonzalez. 10 starts down in Tucson, 4-3 with a 2.24 ERA, 35 K's and only 14 walks in 60.2 innings. He's been better still lately, with only two earned runs in his last four games, covering 24.1 IP. He's a groundball pitcher, which might do him well, given our defense and the nature of the Reds stadium. The 23-year old won't be on a firm pitch count, but I don't expect Melvin to leave him out there to dry.

Bit of a double-edged sword to be moved up from Monday to Sunday. Sure, Cincinnati is perhaps a little less of a pressure-cooker than Shea Stadium - though it didn't seem to do one B.Webb any harm, as I seem to recall. And now, Gonzalez has only got to face the Reds ace, the man with the third-best ERA in baseball this year, Bronson Arroyo. You have fun, Enrique.

Taking a little bit of the stress out, is the fact that we've already won the series, having outscored the Reds 10-0 so far. And even if we lose, we'll still be on top of the division tomorrow night. Though we beat Arroyo last time we faced him, I'm not demanding, requesting, or even hoping for a victory - a quality start from Gonzalez is probably a higher priority than what happens in the game as a whole. Good luck to him, and may it be the first of many appearances for us.