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Gameday Thread, #47: 5/26 vs Reds

Brandon Webb, RHP (7-0, 2.44)
Eric Milton, LHP (2-1, 7.04)

I think it's safe to say that Arizona is outperforming expectations: we're currently on pace for 95 wins, about twenty more than most people expected. One today would match last season's high-water mark of nine games above .500 - which coincidentally, was last seen in the 47th game. But, to sound a cautionary note, in 2005, we then went 35-60 before picking up at the end of summer. However, unlike last year, the record is largely a reflection of our run differential. Then, we were more lucky than genuinely good, though our performance did drop markedly in June. [And in case you're wondering, the last time we were double-digits above .500 was July 20th, 2003.]

This will be a tough road trip, which should go a long way to proving our true credentials - or lack thereof. We face a trio of plus-.500 teams, whose record so far is a combined 79-61, but have a good chance to get things started well today. Webb is coming off his best start of the year, a complete-game shutout versus Atlanta, while Milton is still coming back from knee surgery, and the word is, his velocity is significantly off as a result. Mind you, we're already looking forward to next Wednesday, which I believe is currently scheduled to be Brandon Webb against Pedro Martinez. Given the pair may well end up fighting each other for Cy Young honours at the end of the season, The decks are being cleared for that, needless to say.

Nice to have a day off yesterday, though it didn't really seem like it here - seemed like there were plenty of things to chat about here, what with the trade of Hernandez, the rumours of trades for Willis, and discussions of the nature of D'backs fandom. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and made sure the "travel day" ended up so enjoyably non-productive. :-) I'm optimistic we'll start this road trip with a victory, and I'm going to continue the trend by predicting a winning road trip, 5-4. Two wins here, one in New York, then two more against Atlanta.