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Gameday Thread, #38: 5/15 vs Padres

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Chan Ho Park, RHP (2-1, 3.57)
Brandon Webb, RHP (6-0, 2.30)

Despite the Padres coming in with a fearsome record - one loss in fifteen games, and that a one-run squeaker in extra innings - it would seem we have the edge, as far as pitching matchups go. Today sees our unbeaten ace take the mound, and while tomorrow sees Peavy facing Hernandez, on Wednesday, the Padres have to decide who's going to replace Woody Williams in the rotation. It may be a Triple-A callup, or a spot-start for middle reliever Brian Sweeney.

Webb wasn't brilliant vs. the Pirates, but still got the win and delivered a quality start despite a plethora (today's word: a superabundance; an excess. "The mind of man can scarce conceive the plethora of carnivorous life in this lost world; and their prey, of course, is even more abundant." -- The Land That Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs) of hits. And opponents are batting .268 off him, only 31st in the league. It's at odds with his 2.30 ERA; just two pitchers have a worse OBA and ERA under four: Aaron Cook (3.27, .269) and Roy Oswalt (3.50, .276). Must be the power of the ground-ball, I guess, and Webb's fabulous lack of walks.

Scurry over to Gaslamp Ball if you have a minute, where Dex and the rest of his Ballers are enjoying the roller-coaster ride which has been the Padres season so far. Ah, remember when the Padres couldn't buy a hit? Here's to those days returning again tonight. :-)

Word is, a Chad Tracy contract extension will be announced this afternoon - Nick Piecoro is reporting it as four years for $13.6m (including a revision of his terms for this year, so that takes us to 2009), and a fifth year as a club option. This is good news, locking in a major piece of the jigsaw as we build for the future, and I suspect this contract will turn out to be solid value.