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Gameday Thread, #35: 5/11 vs Pirates

Juan Cruz, RHP (1-0, 2.05)
Oliver Perez, LHP (1-5, 7.71)

A 9:40 am start? WTF? Ah, getaway day, on the East Coast. But even so... No wonder it's not being televised: if a game is on, and no-one in Arizona is around to watch it, does it count? I suspect William K will be the main source of comments for this one, as the Far East is about the only time zone in which it'll be a civilized hour... Though I've got a lot to get done tomorrow, so should be along not too long after first pitch.

If we lose, it's my fault - I added Juan Cruz to my fantasy baseball team. He's facing Oliver Perez: two years ago, this would have been a ferocious prospect, but something is clearly not right with Perez, who has been very poor so far. Word is, one more bad start and he could be experiencing life in the minor leagues. With all sympathy to Mr. Perez and his issues, let's hope today ends with him making reservations at the Motel 6 in Indianapolis.