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Gameday Thread, #34: 5/10 vs Pirates

Brandon Webb, RHP (5-0, 2.05)
Paul Maholm, LHP (1-4, 5.08)

We turn to the stopper, Brandon Webb, to end this two-game losing streak, in what has suddenly become something of a crucial game. Or, at least, more crucial than it was at this time yesterday, where I was eagerly looking forward to a D'backs sweep. Now, we need to win both remaining games to avoid losing the series to, arguably, the worst team in the NL [Actually, I'd say the Marlins were probably worse, but for the purposes of literary hyperbole in this entry, we'll ignore them].

Because, as Oscar Wilde once (almost) said, "To lose one game against the Pirates may be regarded as a misfortune. To lose two, looks like carelessness." Much like Snell yesterday, Maholm is probably better than his record indicates, and allowed only one run - a bases-loaded walk - his last time out, against the Mets. Our offense will need to show up, ready to play (unlike yesterday), and to this end, I trust Jackson will be back in the lineup, and Hudson batting at the the bottom of the order. [And a quick check reveals this to be the case]

You'll likely see tomorrow's preview going up before any report on this game, since Mr. Drake (a guy I went to school with back in Scotland, who recently moved here from New York, and who now works at Go Daddy too) is joining us for dinner and a movie. With the horrendously early start for Thursday's game, odds are that game will be well under way before I hit consciousness.