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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 4


Browncoats 3, AZ SnakePit 6
Much better...well, as far as I'm concerned, though it was Sunday before I pulled ahead. Alou had 3 HR and 12 RBI for Browncoats, but AZ overcame Rolen's absence to take four batting categories, Sizemore scoring nine runs. Zambrano had 17 K's for Brown.
Man of the Match: Millwood (Snake) - 2 W, 1.50 ERA, 14 K

JByrnesIsMyHomie 6, DFA'ders 3
DFA held their own in hitting, but Byrnes almost swept pitching with a 2.49 ERA, Capuano allowing one run in 16 innings. Berkman hit four homers for DFA, driving in nine; Martinez led Byrnes offense, scoring nine with a .444 average.
Man of the Match: Capuano (Byrnes) - 2 W, 0.56 ERA, 0.56 WHIP

Random Fandom 7, Uk Dbacks 2
Early on, UK looked set to shock, but Fandom fought back over the weekend to win at a canter, despite no saves. Mench's record-tying hitting got him back-to-back MotM honours, while Webb's two wins helped them feast on pitching.
Man of the Match: Mench (Ran) - 6 R, 4 HR, 10 RBI, .435

BigLebowski 1,GregSchulteOverdrive 9
The ESPN game of the week was the biggest blowout, though Big did fight Greg hard in some categories, losing by a single run and K. But Greg had four players hit multiple homers, and five steal bases for a well-rounded offensive victory.
Man of the Match: Wagner (Greg) - 3 Sv, 7 K, 0.00 ERA

?Chalino Sanchez! 3, The Fighting Amish 6
Chalino were also on pace for a surprise win until Amish fought back. Not a great pitching duel, the teams posting ERAs of 6.61 and 5.17 respectively, and managing only three wins between them. Both 2B stole three bases, Lopez and Roberts respectively.
Man of the Match: Ordonez (Cha) - 6 R, 2 HR, 4 RBI, .435

The Loose Seals 6, KarateMonkeyDeathCar 2
Seals used a 2.85 ERA and 1.05 WHIP to take pitching, and followed that up with 11 stolen bases to lead their hitting assault. Runs and Wins ended tied, with Karate taking HR and Saves. Blanton had a pair of wins for Karate.
Man of the Match: Damon (Loose) - 10 R, 2 HR, 5 SB, .429

7-2 Offsuiters 4, BBTNG 6
Despite BBTNG bemoaning Lidge's two blown saves, they did well in pitching - saves was 7-2's sole victory, Fuentes getting three, plus a win. Hitting was more even, though the teams posted only a .231 average and 36 RBIs combined for the week.
Man of the Match: Pujols (BBTNG) - 8 R, 3 HR, 6 R, .386


                          Record  GB
 1.  GregSchulteOverdrive 32-7-1   -
 2.  JByrnesIsMyHomie     30-8-2   1.5
 3.  The Fighting Amish   24-11-5  6
 4.  The Loose Seals      20-13-7  9
 5.  Random Fandom        20-18-2 11.5
 6.  BBTNG                19-20-1 13
 7.  DFA'ders             18-21-1 14
 8.  BigLebowski          18-21-1 14
 9.  AZ SnakePit          16-20-4 14.5
10.  Browncoats           14-20-6 15.5
11.  KarateMonkeyDeathCar 15-21-4 15.5
12.  7-2 Offsuiters       11-26-3 20
13.  ?Chalino Sanchez!    11-26-3 20
14.  Uk Dbacks            10-26-4 20.5

Week 5 Matchups

GregSchulteOverdrive vs. AZ SnakePit
Browncoats vs. DFA'ders
JByrnesIsMyHomie vs. Uk Dbacks
BigLebowski vs. The Fighting Amish
?Chalino Sanchez! vs. KarateMonkeyDeathCar
The Loose Seals vs BBTNG
Random Fandom vs. 7-2 Offsuiters

ESPN's game of the week is The Loose Seals vs. BBTNG. It's a battle of slugging first-basemen: Giambi (Seals) and Pujols (BBTNG) have driven in 59 runs between them so far, with backup from Andruw Jones and Adam Dunn respectively. Former team-maters Mulder and Zito face off on the mound, and Lidge will be looking to add to his eight saves for BBTNG. Harang has been Loose's best pitcher thus far, with four wins and 33 K's.