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Gameday Thread, #2: 4/5 vs. Rockies

Hernandez (0-0, 0.00)
Cook (0-0, 0.00)

Thank god - It seems like another six months have passed since the last game. I actually found myself in front of the computer with nothing to do this morning: I was up-to-date on my film reviews, nothing particularly blogworthy had happened overnight, and my fantasy baseball lineup is frozen until the weekend. There are plenty of things I could do - I have projects which have been back-burnered for months, but I know this is just a temporary lull, and tomorrow, I'll be insanely busy again, so I don't feel like blowing the dust off those.

Therefore: dum-de-dum. Could rant about instant replay. But that's a bit like gay marriage: you're either for it, or against it, and odds are I'm not going to change your mind, regardless of what I say. Could bitch about Tony Clark apparently starting at first in place of Conor Jackson, but it's too early to claim this is some kind of trend. While I wouldn't have thought Jackson would need a rest after his consecutive game streak reached, er, one [or five, if you include last season], with tomorrow's game being against a left-handed starter, I can see why Conor will play that one.

So I think I'll post a poll instead. :-) Lineup to follow, and I should get to watch the whole game tonight, so comments should be plentiful - from me, at least!