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Gameday Thread, #23: 4/28 vs Giants

Miguel Batista, RHP (2-0, 5.16)
Jason Schmidt, RHP (0-2, 5.33)

Nice to have an off-day every once in a while: got caught up with a few other things that needed doing. Though I also watched Mammoth: I can only apologize for bringing it to your attention. Sorry. And I want to go on the record, that I dreamt the Diamondbacks made it to the playoffs. However, in the interests of full disclosure, I should say, in my dream, the Giants and Rockies also made it in. This confused even my unconscious, so short of the AL West evaporating, I won't be betting the house on this one.

We take a three-game streak into San Francisco, where the Giants have been outperforming their expectations based on run differential, and are due for a fall. Yep, last year, we outperformed there, and RD was a crock of horse pucky; now, since it's the opposition who are doing it, naturally, RD is the Holy Grail of stats. :-) But, really: we've scored fifteen more than we've allowed, the exact opposite of the Giants. Only the Cards, Astros and Mets are better. So, either we start winning more games, or...ah, let's not go there, shall we?

A certain tightness in the chest is encountered when hearing we face Jason Schmidt tonight. But he's winless after four starts, and has been having control issues, with sixteen walks in 27 innings. No first-pitch hacks, please. Let's get deep into counts, wear Schmidt out, and get to the soft, pink vulnerability which is the Giants bullpen. With that end, if I was Melvin, I'd put out our most patient lineup:

  1. Counsell, SS
  2. DaVanon, CF
  3. Tracy, 3B
  4. Gonzalez, LF
  5. Jackson, 1B
  6. Byrnes, RF
  7. Easley, 2B
  8. Snyder, C
  9. Batista, P

In reality, we'll still see Green in right, even with a K:BB ratio of 15:3, easily the worst on the team. Hudson will play second, Estrada catches, and 50/50 whether Byrnes or DaVanon gets center. Let's hope the basic philosophy, at least, is maintained.