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Gameday Thread, #17: 4/21 vs Dodgers

Orlando Hernandez, RHP (1-2, 7.04)
Odalis Perez, LHP (2-0, 5.28)

Is it really so much of a burden, to ask the rest of the rotation to help Brandon Webb out now and again? Y'know, by going six innings every once in a while? Seems so, judging by the homestand, where quality starts were notable by their absence. Hernandez came close last time, getting into the sixth inning before the Astros posted a seven-spot, but it seems that he needs to be kept on a strict pitch-count. The bad news is, the mooted figure of around 90 pitches, will barely get him through five frames...

There's good news and bad news. The good news is, Perez's 5.28 ERA is actually the lowest the Dodgers throw at us this series. The bad news is, it's still a lot better than El Duque's, and we've got an Ortiz start to survive tomorrow. With Perez a leftie, expect Melvin to ring some changes. Counsell should be available, Clark could get the start at first, and Green or Byrnes might sit in favour of DaVanon. Not sure whether he's still considered "the hot hand", having gone 1-for-5 in the leadoff spot last night.