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Gameday Thread, #16: 4/20 vs Giants

Jamey Wright, RHP (2-0, 3.00)
Claudio Vargas, RHP (1-1, 4.82)

A win tonight would give us the series, and allow us to get a split on the homestand, 5-5. Not good, but an awful lot better than it looked on Monday night. The main issue is if our offense, which has been rollin' like a freight train over the past 2 2/3 games (since the fourth inning on Monday), can keep on keepin' on. Expect to see Shawn Green back in right field, since Melvin says Green owns Giants' starter Jamey Wright, but DaVanon is basically a must-play, so will likely get the start in center over Byrnes.

However, Wright has been is fine form this season, and last time out only allowed one run over eight innings. Vargas, on the other hand, didn't exactly cover himself in glory in his previous outing and will have to do much better - while I know he's our number five, he still has to start 30 games or more. I don't expect an ace-like performance, but we've averaged nine runs per game against the Giants staff so far. Let's just say, it'd be nice if that were enough.